This Washington Adventure Will Literally Take You On A Hike Up 200-Foot Trees

See the sunset from the canopies! 😍
This Unique Experience In Washington State Will Have You Climbing 200-Foot Trees

With the amount of rain the Evergreen State receives, it's no surprise that trees heart this land. Visiting some of these giants that are thousands of years old is in itself a bucket list activity. But how many of us can actually claim we've climbed to the top of 200-foot tall trees? You can now say you did with this unique experience in Washington state.

Adventureterra's canopy tree climbing excursion will have you scaling up some of the tallest old-growth trees in the world. They rise to a height of 150 to 230 feet.

The activity at Deception Pass State Park in Oak Harbor opens for the season in March and has 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. slots every day. The reservations are now open and can book it here

It costs $149 per person and includes essential safety equipment like harnesses, a helmet, ascenders, rope, safety glasses, automatic rappel devices, carabiners, and gloves.

You'll also need to buy a $10-day pass to drive into the state park. 

The tree-hike is open to anyone over the age of seven. It's perfect for beginners too. — The company only recommends that you wear long pants that cover your ankles, sturdy hiking boots, and to bring your sense of adventure with you.

Although snacks and water are not provided during this activity, you can bring your own and even have a date in the trees with a side of spectacular views!

Can it get better than that? 

While climbing 20 stories up in coastal Douglas Firs might fill you with a sense of freedom and forge a powerful bond with nature, it'll also offer a shocking perspective of the world.

You can get a bird's eye view of the popular Deception Pass bridge and the many islets that sit around it in its emerald-green waters.

Did you know that you can even rent a secluded cabin on one of them and feel like you have this whole island to yourself for $69 a night? Only in Washington, folks!

If you realize that your adventurous heart can't get enough of this, you can stay on for a sunset canopy climbing adventure that costs $165 per person. 

This includes enjoying a stunning sunset and a night-time climb as the birds retire to the trees. 

The best part is that you can take your phones, cameras, and binoculars up there.

If you want people to believe that you did this, you're going to want to catch all of this action on tape. With this lofty escapade, we bet you'll feel like you can conquer anything in 2020.

Tree Canopy Climbing 

Price: $149 per person 

When: March through October

Address: Adventureterra, 41020 WA-20, Oak Harbor, WA 

Why You Need To Go: This bucket-list adventure will take you on a hike through some of the tallest and oldest 200-foot trees.

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