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This Unique Stay In Washington Lets You Spend The Night In A Glass Greenhouse

We've all heard of farms where you can go picking your own berries and flowers. There are even a few where you can cuddle animals and make some barnyard buddies. But have you ever heard of a unique stay in Washington that lets you sleep in a real glass greenhouse? We've found one and we think this could be a first, folks!   

Located in the Evergreen State's countryside in Poulsbo, you can sleep under the stars at the Courter Country Farm greenhouse. It'll make you feel like you're in an episode of The Hart of Dixie. 

The rustic abode, with a glass roof can accommodate two people for only $29 a night. So if you've been meaning to sneak off with your BFF or boo for some quality, quiet time, this could be your spot. 

The greenhouse is located in the lower field and comes with screens for added privacy. While there is no heating in this building, it comes with a heated mattress pad and plush comforters for you to snuggle under. 

The porter potty is just a short walk away from this spot and you can take quick, hot water showers in the hosts' farm home too. 

This Unique Stay In Washington Lets You Spend The Night In A Glass Greenhouse

You can even harvest your own produce like cherry tomatoes, green beans, herbs, carrots, and whatever else is in season for a few extra dollars. After, you can have a cookout at the community saloon that comes equipped with dishes, appliances, and cooking essentials. 

Ever tried to whip up a delish mojito with farm-fresh mint? You'll have to try it to know exactly what summer tastes like!

The stay also has access to the gorgeous Barker Creek for you to sip your drinks by.

If you needed more reason to book this rustic retreat, there are several resident alpaca, kitties, dogs, goats, chicken, turkeys, and ducks to keep you company.  

You could also spend days strolling through their flower farms bursting with peonies, tulips, and roses (you can pick them yourself only for an added fee).

This spot also has WiFi, TV, and a pool table for added entertainment. 

If you'd rather step out of this cozy space, you can explore Poulsbo's Downtown that's only a short walk away.

With unique boutiques, breweries, and bakeries dishing out Danish pastries, it's called "Little Norway" for a reason. It's just one of those spots that makes you feel like you're on a mini Europe vacay.

If you're looking for an adventure to start out your spring, this could just be it. 

Courter Country Farm Greenhouse

Price Per Night: $29

Neighborhood: Poulsbo, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can spend a night under the stars in a real glass greenhouse for super cheap.

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