Whether or not you have a vacay coming up, there's something about finding an exotic rental that'll make you want to plan one out ASAP. Our latest find is this unique stay in Washington state that'll make you and your BFFs feel like Batman/Batgirl. Why do you ask? Because it's literally inside a cave! 

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Located in Leavenworth, this adventurous abode is called the "c+a+v+e" and is definitely high up on our bucket list. 

For $219 per night, you and seven of your friends can rent the whole burrow out. That's only $27.37 if you decide to split it amongst yourselves.

According to the website, the hosts apparently spent "two years drilling, blasting, digging, drinking, thinking, tinkering, crafting and building to create this unique space." And it shows.

Since it's literally carved into the rocks, this cave is as obscure as it gets. As you descend into the depths of the granite boulders, tiki torches will illuminate your path. 

Once inside, there's not only a quaint fireplace that's begging for you to roast those s'mores and hotdogs, but there's also a natural rock hot tub with an underground waterfall! 

The living area comes with plenty of couches to make yourself comfortable.

Since cell service is really spotty underground, consider cracking open some of the board games available at the spot.

While the interiors have rustic touches thanks to the granite boulders jutting out, this space probably won't make you claustrophobic. It's all thanks to the 20-foot high spiderwebbed ceilings.

There's also a stylish kitchen with appliances to whip up some meals and a massive indoor picnic table to enjoy them at. 

Sleeping arrangements for you and your squad are sorted too. — It comes with four queen beds, — one in a private bedroom and another in an open loft setting.

An additional single bed is tucked into a corner just in case you want a bed to yourself. 

While the bathroom comes with a flush toilet, there's more to be awestruck about there. The walk-in hot shower features a heated floor and 1,000 river rocks plastered to the walls. 

Once you're done exploring (or should we say spelunking?) the interiors, the backyard has more for your imagination.

A gondola from Whistler Ski Resort in BC sits by the creek that runs through the property.

It's not a functioning cable car, but, if you ask us, would make a rather good reading nook. 

Unlike most rentals where parties and events are not allowed, this one welcomes them. So it's no surprise that it gets booked out months in advance. 

If it were up to us, we'd be getting on with the reservation list right about now.


Price Per Night: $219 for eight people

Neighborhood: Leavenworth, WA 

Why You Need To Go: You and your BFFs can rent out an actual cave with modern amenities, an underground hot tub, and a waterfall.

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