You Can Sleep In Your Own Private Bubble Under The Stars In Washington

There's zero light pollution here. 👀
This Unique Stay In Washington State Lets You Sleep Under The Stars In A Secluded Bubble

Adulting can be hard, meaning, we could all use some alone time, or a BFF getaway to rejuvenate. Now, what if you could do just that in a real, tranquil bubble? This affordable and unique stay in Washington state will let you glamp under the stars in a private beach community!

Nestled in the seaside town of Hoodsport, Under The Stars is perched on the western shores of the Hood Canal.

Open from May to September, for $165 a night, you and three of your friends can escape to a transparent bubble tent. It'll only cost you $41.25 each if you decide to split it. 

For nap time, there's a queen mattress, and deep quilted air mattresses to wind down on. 

You'll be welcomed with a basket of organic veggies and herbs that you can either have a cook-out with at the BBQ smoker on the premises or take home with you. 

Other amenities include a fully-equipped kitchen with a coffee maker, dishes, and other essentials to help you whip up some delicious meals during your stay. 

While you can pre-order local wine, salmon, oysters, the host will even take the time out to show you how to cook these tasty fares!

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You can opt for a fully-cooked meal package too, pricing and details of which will be available at the time of your booking. 

The website mentions that there's no light pollution at this secluded spot, so you can see a dramatic display of stars in the night.

If you've ever wanted to bask underneath the glory of the Milky Way, this is your chance. 

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There are also plenty of hammocks you can lounge on to the relaxing tiki torches and solar candle lamps around you. There's even a meditation nook if you need some quiet time. 

Since this tranquil 0.68-acres spot provides for all your stargazing needs and comes with an envious (and eco-friendly) private hot tub and an outdoor shower, it gets booked out months in advance. So we recommend snagging a spot ASAP. 

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The relaxing waters of Lake Cushman are only 3 miles away. And so are all the snorkeling, fishing, and other water adventures. There are plenty of hiking trails too.  

So, if you're looking for an escape to reconnect with nature that's only a short drive from the city, we think this could be your new hideout. 

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Under The Stars 

Price Per Night: $165 for four people

Neighborhood: Hoodsport, WA

Why You Need To Go: You and your friends can get away to a tranquil bubble under the stars.

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