Staying someplace is more than just having a place to crash. It's an experience that'll have you and your pals dreaming about your next vacay. If you're on board with that, we've got a treat for you. This unique stay in Washington is not only glamping at its best but it also comes with rescued horses and a winery tour too.

Overlooking the gorgeous Yakima Valley in the city of Zillah, Cherry Wood is an ideal spot for you and your BFFs to make some horse friends, let them lead you to good vino and to soak under the stars. 

You can book a stay from April through October for as low as $290 per night for two people.

They can even accommodate up to four people for an additional $90 per person. The cost includes stunning plates of gourmet breakfast like parfaits, quiches, frittatas, puff pastries and home-grown fruit surrounded by vineyards

The best part? This is a nonprofit and the funds go towards helping rehabilitate abused horses on the ranch. You can visit them for free.

The rooms are 22-foot tipi tents decked with a queen bed and plush rugs that'll remind you of a boutique stay but in the Wild West. 

There are tiny fridges and electric outlets in there as well. Grills, fuel, lighters, and grilling accessories are provided if you're in the mood for an outdoor BBQ. 

During the day, you can giddy-up and visit sun-soaked vineyards on horseback for $250 per person, and enjoy a complimentary picnic.

Hay wagon rides are also available for half the price. 

This area has over 120 vineyards, so you can even take a self-guided trip to any (or all) of them. 

The nights are all about relaxation at the ranch's "Twilight Tubs." These pools are filled with warm waters and are scented with bath salts.

You can enjoy this serenity with nothing but the wide-open skies above. 

This intimate ranch loves animals, so you can bring your pets along. We're not talking about just dogs, people. You can bring your horse along too, and there are even pens to accommodate them!

If you want to escape the rain in the Cascades, this spot which is only a 2-hour drive from Seattle, has the perfect weather too.

According to the bed, breakfast & barn's website, the climate is usually dry and semi-arid, making this the perfect place to get away to without having to get on a flight.

So, if you love horses, alcoholic grapes and the sun, you know where to go next!

Cherry Wood

Price: From $290 per night

Address: 3271 Roza Dr, Zillah, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can plan a glamping trip with your friends in the wine country and help rescued horses.