You Can Stay In This Luxurious Treehouse Airbnb In Tennessee For A Magical Weekend

Be the Queen Of The Forest.
This Unique Treehouse Airbnb In Tennessee Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

When you think of a treehouse, you probably immediately go back to your childhood and remember how cool it would be to have one. Treehouse Airbnb's have been popping up everywhere and they will take you back to those days and be 100 times better than you could ever imagine. This unique treehouse Airbnb in Tennessee is the state's first luxury treehouse and is to die for. 

The Sulfur Ridge Treehouse is located in Bloomington Springs, Tennessee. It sleeps two guests, so this is the perfect destination for some alone time with your significant other during this holiday season. 

Sulfur Ridge sits 15 feet above the forest floor and has one-bedroom, one-bathroom and is a five-star home. You might find yourself never leaving the treehouse during your stay because it's just that beautiful and relaxing. 

When they say this is a luxury treehouse, they're not messing around. The furniture, the mattress, the views and all the amenities will make you feel like you're royalty during your stay. 

The details on the door handle and even the sink knobs are so intricate and unique. The bathroom countertop even has gold specks in it. 

The outdoor area is just as nice and relaxing as the inside. There is a swinging bed underneath the house so you can enjoy the night sky and the fresh air every night. There's also a fire pit and even a hot tub that you're encouraged to use throughout your stay. 

The king-sized, hand-painted bed will make you feel like you've woken up in a fairytale. The feeling will continue as you make your way to the clawfoot tub accompanied by a large stain glass window in the bathroom. Does it get any better than this?

Tennessee is full of gorgeous sites and places to visit. If you decide to wander out of your fairytale dream house, you need to visit this restaurant located on a mountaintop, or you can visit this rainbow cave filled with colorful crystals in Memphis. 

Sulfur Ridge Treehouse

Price Per Night: $229

Address: Bloomington Springs, Tennessee

Why You Need To Go: Your childhood dreams will come true when you step into this luxurious treehouse that will make you feel like royalty.