Firefighters are some of the most incredible heroes out there: They gear up in 50 pound uniforms, storm into blazing buildings and risk their lives to save others. We're always proud of our firefighters, but there's one video in particular that's making us cheer from the rooftops.

After a fire broke out in DeKalb County, Georgia last week, courageous firefighters rushed to the scene to catch children who were thrown from the third story of an apartment complex. Thanks to helmet cameras, the whole thing was caught on video.

Footage shows the building, identified as the Avondale Forest Apartment complex, completely engulfed in flames as residents desperately try to climb down to safety on ladders.

It was firefighter Captain Scott Stroup who was seen on video catching a child dropped from the third floor, the fire department said. According to ABC News, a dozen people were trapped in the building and around 20 units were affected by the flames. But thanks to the brigade, everyone was rescued and only a few minor injuries were reported.

Via abcnews

Another firefighter - not seen on video - also caught a newborn baby, the fire department said.

Our thoughts go out to the families affected by the fire and to the brave women and men of the DeKalb County Fire Department.