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This Video Of The Original Tim Hortons Proves That Not Much Has Changed In 53 Years

Serving hot cups and killer pucks since '64 ☕️ 🏒
This Video Of The Original Tim Hortons Proves That Not Much Has Changed In 53 Years

Tims coffee is as Canadian as poutine or maple syrup, but that wasn't always the case. Tim Horton's coffee shops only have populated street corners across Canada (and America) in the past 50 years. 

The chain that we know and love got their start in Hamilton, Ontario, and was coined after its namesake - the late and great NHL hockey player, Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton. 

Archival footage of the first Tim Hortons' coffee & bake shop (full of 90's perms, distressed leather jackets, and good ol' Canadian weather) gives a brief glimpse of what this now massive conglomerate was when it was a one-of-a-kind hidden treasure. 

Referring to Hamilton as "The Big Donut", the clip includes footage of the first Tim Hortons' packaging and promotional material (see 1:15-1:27), bringing us back to the quaint roots of this quintessentially Canadian brand. 

This brief glimpse into this hallmark coffee shop's history brings feels of a time that most of us will never know. But it also shows that some things never change - the Boston Cream donuts, warm coffee, and burgundy "Tim Hortons" sign will always stay the same. 

Located at 65 Ottawa Street North, the first Tim's store now features a small museum, along with a replica of the original 1964 sign that marked the storefront. And to commemorate the history of the chain, Tim Hortons recently released their new '64' hockey cups, paying homage to the opening of this first location on May 17th, 1964, and the start of the 2017 NHL season. 

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