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This Video Shows Babies Sleeping Through Montreal's Heavy MTL Music Festival

No noise complaints here.
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This Video Shows Babies Sleeping Through Montreal's Heavy MTL Music Festival

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Let's be real for a minute - there's nothing on this earth worse than the ear-piercing screech of sirens penetrating your bedroom while you're trying to sleep. Or the buzz of a nearby music festival permeating your home when you're just trying to live your best life. 

Except, apparently, if you're a baby napping in a room made up of Fenplast's soundproof windows. 

Fenplast, a company hailing from Candiac on Montreal’s South Shore, and founded in the 1980s, is a family-run business that gives new meaning to “silence is golden.” In fact, their latest video ad - featuring Montreal's famously (and intensly) noisy Heavy MTL rock and metal outdoor music festival - proves just that.

Now, if you're a fan of metal music, or a fan of outdoor music festivals, then you know: It. Gets. Loud. So loud, in fact, that if you live nearby you can almost kiss your night of sleep and peace goodbye. But according to their newest ad, Fenplast's totally got your back. Witness the peaceful tranquility of babies napping right through a heavy metal outdoor music festival (!!) right here: 

Fenplast's windows don't just come in handy smack dab in the middle of one of the loudest music festivals in the country, though. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, silence can be hard to come by. In fact, when was the last time you experienced the serenity of true quiet in your own home?

The real situation most of us are living involves a cramped apartment or home in the city, forcing us to deal with sirens, car honks, and our neighbour's music all hours of the day and/or night. 

Thankfully, the fine folks at Fenplast have heard our collective cry for tranquility. The trick to Fenplast's superior soundproofed windows lies in the Tranquility Option's revolutionary sound-absorbing glass.

Their windows make sure you get maximum peace of mind in your own home. So it doesn't matter whether your neighbour is having a late-night barbecue with friends, cars are zooming by outside, or someone nearby is blasting their favourite tunes - you'll enjoy the quiet you crave and the rest you deserve, every time

Plus, all Fenplast windows come with a lifetime warranty, and they’re almost all Energy Star approved! That's right, you basically never have to worry about unwanted noise making its way into your home over the years.

Combine all of that with the sweet silence that their windows provide, and that’s the kind of peace of mind we could all use a little more of!

To learn more about Fenplast, check out their website and visit them on Facebook and Twitter!

Natalie Timperio
Sponsored Content Contributing Writer, Studio