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You Can Swim Under The Sea With Ariel On Disneyland's Virtual Little Mermaid Ride (VIDEO)

We want to be part of that world. 🧜🔱
This Virtual Little Mermaid Ride Lets You Swim With Ariel Inside Her Grotto

If you've been missing Disneyland, we've found a magic cure. Step into this vehicle and take a trip far away to a beautiful aquatic world. Did you know you can swim under the sea with Ariel on Disneyland's virtual Little Mermaid ride

Your clam-mobile is waiting.

While this isn't an official Disneyland tour, you'll still get to enjoy over 7 minutes of fun footage from the actual Ariel's Undersea Adventure ride.

First, you'll board a giant, multi-colored shell as you move from the walkway to a themed mural. 

Scully the seagull greets you as you enter.

As you round the corner, beautiful glowing blue hues light up your shell. Soon, you're submerged in a sea of bubbles and aqua wonder. 

You're in Ariel's grotto! Can you believe all these tropical colors?

Here, everyone's favorite red-headed mermaid sings one of your favorite classics. So, grab a bag of popcorn and sing along. 

*sings* "I wanna be where the people areee"

The next scene proves life under the sea is better than anything we have up here. Sebastian takes you on a whirlwind adventure "Under the Sea" complete with a dancing octopus, singing clams, and gleeful purple shrimp swaying in a chorus line.

Even Ariel is boogying to the music.

Don't party for too long though. Around the corner, a group of creepy purple eels are doing their bidding. What could they be up to?

Urusla is watching you - you poor unfortunate soul! And she's whipping up all kind of evil curses in her crystal ball.

But like every Disney classic, there's a silver lining and a happy ending. You've just got to be patient enough to find it. 

It's time to bring back the nostalgia with this blast from the past. But enough with the storytime, go live the adventure yourself.

Disneyland: Virtual Little Mermaid Ride

Price: Free

Why You Should Go: You can take a swim under the sea with Ariel and explore her grotto.


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