You Can Take A Dizzying Wine Tour Through The Hills Of Napa Valley From Your Bathtub

Sip, sip, hooray!
This Virtual Winery Tour In California Takes You Through Napa Valley

Are you bored at home and want to travel? Remote tours offer a way to explore some of the most beautiful parts of California. Did you know that you can take a virtual winery tour through a the rolling green hills of Napa Valley?

So, pull up a seat on your couch, bed or wherever you'd like and prepare for some beautiful scenery. 

Psst. You can even pour yourself a glass if you'd like. 

Castello di Amorosa is a 13th century-inspired Tuscan castle located in lovely Calistoga. 

Their two and a half minute long video tour takes you through stunning aerial views of lush vineyards with mountain views as a backdrop.

Why not take a (virtual) walk along the property's winding pathways? It's time to explore.

The background music is so relaxing, you just might feel like you're living in a romantic movie scene.

As you zoom higher above the trees, take a look around. There's so many colors dotting the landscape!

The overhead views of the castle grounds are particularly amazing. It totally looks fit for a princess.

Was it just us or did that stream look like an actual moat?

You can also take a peek inside if you'd like. Panoramic photos will take you from the outside courtyard to the grand hall where a long table is framed by vibrant art murals along the walls.

Next, you'll find a quaint chapel with decor you probably thought you'd only find in an actual medieval European castle.

If you're in the mood to sit and chill, you can hang out inside Il Passito (aka the wine barrel room).

This lovely tour is a great way to wine down (see what we did there?) at the end of your work from home day. Why not invite a few friends on Skype to join in too?

Sip, sip, hooray!

If you're in the mood for more at home explorations, you should also check out this tour of California's Aquarium of the Pacific. You can watch 24-hour live penguin cams!

Castello di Amorosa

Price: Free

Why You Should Go: You can take a gorgeous aerial tour through this Napa Valley winery from your couch.


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