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You Can Cuddle Llamas From Your Room At This Affordable Airbnb In Washington

Here in the Evergreen State, we adore our farm animals and they love us right back. So much so that, at Arcadia Farm and Inn, a cute vintage farm stay in Washington, they'll walk right up to your room and let you cuddle and feed them for as long as you like! 

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This farm stay in Port Angeles is a hot favorite Airbnb in Washington for this particular activity amongst other things. Here, llamas come up to your room's window and will nibble treats straight out of your hands for a room price of $98 per night. 

Snuggled into the lap of the lofty Olympic Mountain ranges, this Airbnb offers 4 different rooms with king, queen-sized or bunk beds. 

The features include a swimming pool, a cedar sauna and a year-round, outdoor hot tub where you can lie back and stare at the stars. 

The two large living rooms in this house also open up to four large decks facing different views to take in all of Washington's scenic beauty. 

If you can't get enough of Mother Nature, the pond, orchard and ornamental gardens are also available for guests to enjoy. 

The owner of the establishment, Gail Alison, told Narcity that the two llamas on the farm were named by teenaged girls — One is called Chocolate Chips because of his white and black speckles.

The other one is named Ethan for the boy the teen had a crush on at the time!   

Both the llamas were brought on to the farm to protect the sheep, Gail tells us. But when they arrived, they ran screaming in fear of the sheep. 

The farm is also home to 60 other animals including a sorority of Nigerian dwarf goats, llamas, senior rescue horses, chickens, barn cats, Shetland sheep, and dogs that form the official welcome committee. 

So, appreciation for animals is a gentle requirement at this cozy 1973-built home. And oh, you can even bring your pooch too — as long as they are flea-free, neutered and well-behaved. 

If you like to get your stretches into the mix, you can also join in for some goat yoga hosted in May and June every year. Other seasons are also quite a hit with the guests. Spring sees a burst of wildflowers at the property and welcomes the birth of baby lambs and goats! 

In winter, the fire in the living room woodstove complements the wintery landscapes outside. 

You'll see that staying on a farm has its perks: Breakfast is a wholesome affair.

The freshest eggs from the farm's chicken, homemade fruit spreads, seasonal fruit from the orchards, yogurt, milk, organic bread, cereal, and granola will see you fixed up for the day. There's also a huge coffee and tea cabinet for hoarders. 

The quiet, surreal views, animal interaction and the freshest food will have you wishing you could stay here longer, possibly forever. 

Arcadia Farm and Inn

Price Per Night: $98

Address: Black Diamond Rd, Port Angeles, Washington  

Why You Need To Go: Unreal views, cuddliest animal interaction, and the freshest farm food!

We strongly advise that before you go visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security and animal rights. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment and the animals.

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