You Can Rent A Whole Island On The Bluest Waters In Washington For Only $69

Private island for two! 😍
This Washington Cabin Rental On An Island Is The Perfect Summer Getaway

We've all binged on movies like Tom Hanks's Cast Away and Blue Lagoon. So, it's really safe to say that we've all had fantasies of getting some alone time on a secluded island. This Washington cabin rental is all those dreams come true and more. 

Located east of the popular Deception Pass Bridge, the Ben Ure Cabin sits pretty in the bluest waters on an islet near Cornet Bay. 

This tranquil hideout is available to rent year-around. It'll cost you $69 a night from November to March, $79 in the shoulder season, and $99 during peak summer. You can get more details here

Although it's located near one of the busiest recreation areas in the Evergreen State — the Deception Pass State Park, its hidden quality also makes it one of the most sought-after. So, we recommend snagging a spot here ASAP. 

Getting here is an experience in itself because the only way is by boat or kayak.

You'll have to park and paddle for about 15 minutes from the Coronet Bay boat launch area to get to your weekend abode. 

Once you row in, you won't be able to help but be amazed at the cabin peeping from the island's ledge. 

It's a cozy 12-by-24-feet wide and features a massive deck that opens out into the water. It's perfect for all of your sunbathing and canon-balling needs.

As a bonus, it comes with spectacular views of Mount Baker and Puget Sound, and who knows? You might get to see an entire family of harbor seals too. 

Somewhere on the island, there are reportedly a couple of private residences. Although you'll probably never get to see them, be sure not to venture off onto private property. 

This charming retreat's warm wooden interior is fully furnished with an electric kitchen, a queen-size futon, heating (electric and wood stove), lights, a bathroom, and an adventurous outdoor shower with hot water.

It doesn't include WiFi, so going back to the basics like our usual childhood lake getaways, is the way to go. You can also bring your pooch along for company.

Make sure to pack drinking water and enough food or groceries to whip up some meals. Otherwise, you'll have to literally canoe your way to another island for them. 

Whether you want to watch the sun dip by the bluffs with your special someone, explore the neighboring Fidalgo or Whidbey Islands, orsunbathe as you read other adventurers' tales in the cabin's guest book, you can't help but wonder, "Can all days be as magical as this?" 

If waking up on the water is your thing, we're going to let you in on another adventure in Washington.

You can stay in this marine park with hidden beaches and deer for only $12! 

Ben Ure Cabin

Price Per Night: $69-99

Address: Ben Ure Island, Deception Pass State Park, WA

Why You Need To Go: You can stay in a secluded island cabin on the bluest Washington waters plus wake up to amazing views of Mt. Baker and Puget Sound. 

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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