Let's face it, hiking is exercising. You're working your whole body out, and that should be the reward, right? Outside of working on your summer body goals, it's always great to know that there's a reward within or at the end of the hike. This waterfall in Georgia is that reward on this super easy hike near the Chattooga River. 

The Dicks Creek Falls is on the Bartam Trail in North Georgia in the middle of Rabun County. The hike is only about 1.5 miles round trip which is considered easy for even the beginner hiker. The light hike starts near Sandy Ford Road, following the Bartram Trail. This will take you into a beautiful canopy of hardwoord trees so you won't be dripping with sweat.

There's a steady descent for about one quarter of a mile and you'll start to hear the rushing waters of the huge waterfall near. Here you'll also begin seeing the beautiful Chattooga River below you. 

The area right above the waterfall can be very dangerous due to the waterfall's sudden drop and the rocky creek bed that it crashes into. It's advised to keep a healthy distance from the crest of the waterfall, unlike other waterfalls where the jump is a part of the allure of the adventure.

The hike continues to descent until you get to the river bank below around 0.6 miles. This is where you'll see the river dropping into small waterfalls underneath which makes for an amazing photo moment or water break.

After this, the hike is pretty easy as you reverse your way back to Sandy Ford Road trailhead. This hike is perfect for dogs, but keeping an eye on the pup to make sure they don't slip on any rocks because of the wetness is ideal. There's so many easy hikes in Georgia, the best way to find them is to just start with one. 

Dick's Creek Falls 

Price: Free! 

Address: Donlonega, Georgia 

Why You Need To Go: This super short and easy hike will lead you to a majestic waterfall that's absolutely beautiful. 

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