"You've already gone the extra mile to create great notes. Now let's turn that into cash," reads the introduction to Classfeed.ca, a unique exchange platform that allows students to share their class notes online.

Roman Grod and Martin Lebed are the second-year Wilfrid Laurier University students behind the website. They wanted to create a service that allowed students to help others succeed in their post-secondary education.

With Classfeed.ca, students can either buy or sell lecture notes, tutorial notes, midterm notes and finals notes from any course at their university. The system benefits students who make their own detailed materials for studying.  "I didn't realize you can make so much money for going to class," says Matthew Toxidis, a seller. 

Classfeed.ca could also be a useful resource for students who missed a particular class, as they could simply log onto the website and look for a recent upload. Roman Grod, a co-founder of the website, says it gives students"the convenience of buying notes when they need them."

The notes are uploaded to the website and are put through a vetting process before they are approved for selling. Each note package ranges from $3 to $15, depending on how much course material the package spans. Sellers are rated for their reliability, and buyers who end up not being satisfied with their purchases can request a refund.

The website has received mixed reviews from students on campus, with some supporting the idea entirely and others questioning whether the service would discourage students from attending class. The University of Waterloo has also stated that students who want to sell their notes should speak with their professors first to make sure it wouldn't be a violation of intellectual property rights.

Currently, Classfeed.ca is only available to students at Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, however, Grod and Lebed are working on expanding to new schools across Canada soon.

Source: CTV News