You Can Sip Over 1000 Wines From All Over The World At This Spot In Florida

Some people love beer but others degust wine with pleasure. As with any pastime, oenophiles dedicate their time to learn the difference between cabernet, merlot, chardonnay and other wines. The Wine Bar offers wine lovers over 1000 wines across the world to taste and cheer during a hot summer night.

This wine bar is not your typical wine restaurant. A delicious Mediterranean-style food and tapas menu serving gourmet cheeses, cured meats, pepper-crusted filets and fresh grouper makes this wine bar unique in taste and ambiance.

The Wine Bar invites guests to release inhibitions and savor every bite from your plate while sipping your favorite vino. A place where you can indulge and engage in great conversations with friends.

Happy hours start early at this bar. Guests can enjoy a 12-ounce carafe of wine for the price of a large glass from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Prices may vary depending the wine selection. 

Their wine list compiles a selection of different categories including French champagne, sparkling wines, rosé, ripe white wines, fruity red wines, bold red wines, and even dessert wines. You can discover the world through sips of wine from Tuscany, Napa Valley, Spain, France, Sonoma and more.

In addition, The Wine Bar offers wine flights (a tasting of four luxury wines) that start at $16 for luxury whites and $22 for luxury reds.

But every good wine needs a pairing. Nothing pairs better with wine than a charcuterie board nicely presented with the best cheeses, meats and breads.

Its delectable cuisine presents a selection of chef's daily specials including artisan cheese platters, pan-fried duck breast, seafood dips, ahi tuna, the perfect free range chicken with butternut squash, goat cheese mousse, sautéed arugula and Aleppo pepper, plus more.

Go with a group of girls and enjoy the best casual atmosphere with gourmet meals. Remember, you can spill the tea but not the wine.

The Wine Bar

Price: Varies on wine selection. 

Address: 1735 E County Hwy 30A Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Why you need to go: This wine bar has over 1000 wines selection and a delectable menu with tapas and charcuterie.