You Can Road Trip To This Mega Wine Fest Less Than Two Hours From Atlanta In October

Bottomless wine with a view!
This Wine Festival On The Georgia-Tennessee Border This October Is Perfect For Wine Lovers

We're here to remind you that the South is home to a number of magical vineyards that are cranking out quality wines, no matter if you're into reds or whites. You'll get the chance to pour up and drink local and international wines at the Wine Over Water festival in Chattanooga this October. 

This festival is coming up on its 25th anniversary, and it's been growing year after year. Since Chattanooga is so accessible from Georgia, it's the perfect opportunity to plan a road trip with your drinking crew. 

You guys will have the chance to sample over 100 different wines while strolling across the iconic Walnut Street Bridge. The bridge is right over the water, so the views are insane. Just like the cocktail party at Georgia Aquarium, we live for bottomless wine with a view. 

Each ticket has food and drinks included in the price, so you can fill up on charcuterie boards at no additional cost. 

Wine Over Water is part of the larger Wine & Food Festival, which runs from Oct. 1-6. Although Wine Over Water is one of the key events, there's plenty of other opportunities to drink as much as your heart desires.  

Each day is filled with "Off the Bridge" events like rooftop parties, whiskey tastings, Spanish wine and tapas tastings, and even a yoga champagne brunch. Whatever your schedule looks like, there is an event crafted for you and your crew. 

It's looking like the heat won't be leaving us anytime soon, so it's perfect road trip weather. 

The Old Fourth Ward Fall Fest features rosé all-day, so it's a must-do on your fall bucket list before you hit the Wine Over Water Fest.  

Wine Over Water + Wine and Food Fest 

Price: $60.25 - $130 (price varies by event) 

When: Oct. 1-6 

Address: 1 Walnut St, Chattanooga, TN 37403 and additional addresses depending on the event 

Why You Need To Go: There's nothing better than dazzling views and a glass (or several) in your hand. 


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