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This Winter Wonderland Train Ride Will Take You Through The Canadian Rockies

There's something about the winter months in Canada that transform this great country into a real-life winter wonderland. Once the first fluffy snowfall arrives it feels like we've just stepped into a magical snow globe! 

As much as the frigid temperatures in Canada become seriously brutal, we can't deny how beautiful this country becomes during these winter months! Think of sitting by a cozy fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows while fluffy snow drifts past your window. Doesn't that sound like a dream? 

But if you really want to experience the beauty of our Canadian winters you must take a winter wonderland train ride through The Rockies! 

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The Rockies Rail Winter Wonderland is the best way to see the west coast during the winter months! You'll board the train in Vancouver, sip a glass of wine while the snow falls past your window and soon you'll arrive in The Rockies. 

The trip is 9 nights and 8 days in total with 2 nights in Vancouver, 1 night onboard via rail in their luxury sleeper train, 2 nights in Jasper, 1 night in Lake Louise, 2 nights in Banff before you finish in Calgary. Throughout the trip you'll get to experience the magic of The Canadian Rockies during winter, an overnight stay on a Via Rail train, exploring some of the most scenic locations on the west coast, wildlife, and tons of fun outdoor activities!

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Canadian Train Vacations offers this unbelievable trip starting at $3,588 per person. This is definitely a little pricey for a vacation but when you consider everything that's included it starts to sound more and more worth it! All 8 nights of hotel accommodation and onboard private cabins, an experience of your choice in Vancouver, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, and other stops, meals onboard and a feature dinner at Lake Louise, and more! 

Some of the super fun activities you can take part in along the way are dog sledding, spa and massages, afternoon tea and sleigh rides, winter wonderland snowshoeing, Maligne Canyon Icewalk, Banff Gondola, Snowmobiling in the Rockies, and more! 

Trips officially start running as of December 12th and will run until March 24th, most days of the week. You can also choose to shorten or lengthen the trip depending on your schedule and price points! 

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Check out their website for more information on this amazing Canadian trip!