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This Woman Is Calling Out Ariana Grande's New "Thank U Next" For Being Homophobic and Fans Are Not Here For It

"Thank u, next is entertaining – the kind of entertainment we should be horrified about."
This Woman Is Calling Out Ariana Grande's New "Thank U Next" For Being Homophobic and Fans Are Not Here For It

It's hard to believe that a song about self-love and growth that doesn't throw shade paired with a music video that features iconic odes to early 2000's romcoms could attract any negativity. Unfortunately, it seems that regardless of the Thank U Next music video seemingly capturing the admiration of the globe, not everybody was impressed with it. In fact, some believe it was actually harmful. 

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That's right, some people believe that Ariana's music video was actually perpetuating transmisogyny, an anti-queer agenda, blackface and showcases 'white feminism'. As a result of the critique, fans of the video are livid over the comments that were made. 

The first issue that was spoken about in a critique written through online publication Intoby Eli Erlick, was regarding one of Ariana's back up dancers who is a straight male. He was dressed in a wig and female clothing in an effort to portray a woman or trans woman. This was interpreted by Erlick as using trans women for the butt of a joke. 

Another issue pointed out in the article was Troye Sivan's part in the video in which he says "I heard she's a lesbian now and dating some chick called Aubrey. It's fucking sick." Here it was interpreted as Ariana being "so offended at the very thought of having a woman as her lover, she even addressed it at the very beginning of her music video." 

The anti-lesbian agenda that is believed to be perpetuated through the video was apparently also present during Ariana's scene with Jennifer Coolidge in which they are discussing teeth (where it's inferred they are talking about.. something else). At one point Coolidge asks Grande "have you ever gone out with someone that had no teeth at all?" To which Grande responds with "no" while smirking. Here it's been claimed by Erlick that Grande was once again using queer females as the butt of a joke. 

During the scene where Ariana is introduced with her burn book, displaying a dark fake tan, she is then accused of blackface because of the comparison of her skin colour during her Nickelodeon days in contrast to today. The writer noted, "her skin varies in shade scene-to-scene in a horrifying transformation highlighting how little she cares about communities of colour." 

The article goes on to claim that the lyrics ostracize queer, trans women and people of colour because she is singing about her own personal experience as a straight white female. Also going as far as to claim that Kris Jenner saying "Thank you, next bitch" was meant to be a jab at her trans ex Caitlyn Jenner. 

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The article quickly earned some choice responses from fans of Grande considering many believed that Erlick interpreted the video in the wrong way: 

I can’t believe y’all posted this w confidence

December 3, 2018

Y’all must be testing out a new satire section or something bc I refuse to believe this is serious

December 3, 2018

"Her rival cheerleading team, which is all Black, twerks in Pan-African green, gold, and red", erm yes, like the movie it references?

December 3, 2018

December 3, 2018

this is...the biggest reach i’ve seen in years. the person who wrote this might’ve pulled something. someone please check on them, i think they’re hurt

December 3, 2018

“Patriotic red white and blue.. Pan-African green and gold” Just Hire authors who have actually seen Bring it On.

December 3, 2018

While Grande has not responded to the comments yet, it's presumed she most likely won't. After her last snap on Twitter regarding Pete Davidson, the singer has kept her social media quite positive and hasn't seemed to have fallen into the hole that comes with commenting on drama. We'll say "thank u, next" to this commentary on her behalf though.

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