You probably got up this morning with a flat stomach, feeling super proud of all your hard work at the gym and you finally think you've beat the bloat. 

You have a healthy breakfast to reward yourself and a glass of water, and BAM! There's the damn bloat again. But my pants fit 5 minutes ago? 

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This can be one of the most frustrating feelings. Feeling like your hard work doesn't matter, why even both working out if you'll just get bloated? What you probably don't know is that bloating is completely normal, and all women deal with it. That girl with ripped abs on Instagram? Yeah, she deals with it too, and definitely does not take bikini pictures at 10 at night. 

After coming across this YouTube video of a fitness star who also bloats, it took away a ton of stress thinking I was the only one who bloats. She documented her whole 'bloating day' and it's amazing (and very familiar) to see how fast her abs disappear!

Here is her stomach in the morning: 

via @natacha.oceane

And a side glimpse upon waking up: 

After some strawberries and cereal, her abs start to get less defined: 

After a snack: 

What she looks like after an intense workout: 

And the final results after eating sushi at dinner: 

So next time you wake up with abs, and go to bed feeling pregnant, know that it is totally normal. You can feel bloated a couple times a day, or everyday, and that's just how our bodies work. Of course you feel your leanest in the morning, your body has been fasting for hours!

By keeping a food journal, you can find out what foods make you bloat more than others. Personally, dairy and gluten make me look like I'm 9 months pregnant, so I stay away from those foods. But even veggies like broccoli and cauliflower make you bloat!

And of course, if you have health problems, digestion, or food intolerances, it is important to speak with your doctor or a naturopath to figure out what's causing it. 

via @natacha.oceane

You can find the complete YouTube video here: