This Zoo Close To Ontario Will Become A Magical After-Hours Light Walk This Summer

The woods become magic at night 🦌
This Zoo Close To Ontario Will Become A Magical After-Hours Light Walk This Summer

There's a zoo near Ontario that comes alive with virtual animals made of light while all the real zoo animals are tucked in bed. The Zoo Sauvage in Saint-Félicien, Quebec will be transformed into a magical after-dark experience this summer. You will definitely want to organize a road trip with your friends to check it out!

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The thick forest becomes an unreal backdrop for video and light projections that make it look like animals of light are dancing on the trees. While you walk along the 1.5-kilometre path, you'll hear a story unfold about the majestic forest around you.

We would love to see an event like this come to the Toronto Zoo and even the Vancouver Aquarium! This multimedia experience is created by Moment Factory, who have created similar experiences in Quebec and B.C. Using lights, video and sounds, the forest path becomes an enchanting experience that allows you to explore the zoo in a new way while being respectful to its animal inhabitants.

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Via Anima Lumina

Via Anima Lumina

The Zoo Sauvage is located in Saint-Félicien, Quebec, and is a seven-hour drive from Ottawa. Admission starts at $20 for the Anima Lumina experience, but there are more packages and tickets available, so check out their website for more information. Anima Lumina is available starting on Saturday, June 20.

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