We all love a good scroll through cute animal photos. Here's some to bless your feed. The Santa Barbara Zoo's new baby giraffe is finally here. He's absolutely adorable — and pretty tall. It turns out, he's much taller than the average California male.

In a Facebook post, the zoo showed off a picture of the baby giraffe (aka Twiga) and his proud new papa walking side by side.

The photo shows (not so) little Twiga almost reaches the top of his dad's legs in height. 

While we all know giraffes are massive — Twiga, who was born on March 27 — is only 13 days old! 

Let that sink in for a moment.

"Twiga is 6 feet tall, which makes him comparable to the height of a tall human, and just look at him standing next to Michael😍 As you can see, usually, a giraffe’s legs alone are taller than most humans😳🚶🦒," they wrote.

This revelation has shocked us enough already.

To make things even weirder, the Washington Post says that the average height of a man in California is about 177 centimeters. 

That's only 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

To put this in perspective, Twiga is four inches taller than most guys in California. 


If you passed the test, congratulations. But if you didn't, don't feel bad.

It turns out, it's actually common for giraffes to be tall at birth. According to PBS, the average height for a newborn giraffe is 6 feet tall and the weight is a whopping 150 pounds.

They're like the NBA players of the animal kingdom.

Twiga and his dad are Masai giraffes, which can reach up to 17 feet tall at maturity and weigh over 2,700 pounds.

Julie Barnes, the zoo’s Vice President of Animal Care and Health issued a statement on their animals.

“Masai giraffes are listed as endangered due to the significant decline of this species in the wild in recent decades. ... Each giraffe born at the Zoo is very important to this population and conservation of this species" she stated.

We're happy to see Twiga and his dad doing so well. Bring on the adorable animal pics!