It's been over one month now since the SNC-Lavalin scandal began but Justin Trudeau is still being plagued by it. For example, right now in the House of Commons, MPs are past their 18th hour of voting as the Conservatives hold a filibuster to address spending, ethics, and of course the scandal. It's not just MPs taking action though, thousands of Canadians have signed an official petition calling for Justin Trudeau's resignation. 

The petition is on the House of Commons e-petition platform, AKA the Government of Canada's official petition site. Any petitions here have a chance at actually being read and voted on by MPs in the House of Commons. The petitions are submitted by Canadian citizens, but they have to be authorized by an MP. The platform, however, states that just because an MP has authorized a petition doesn't mean they support or agree with it. 

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In the case of the petition calling for Trudeau's resignation, it was submitted by a man in Holland, Manitoba on March 5. The MP who authorized it is Candice Bergen, a Conservative from Portage-Lisgar, Manitoba. While the e-petition platform says that just because MPs authorize a petition doesn't mean they support, Bergen has been outspoken on her Twitter about the SNC-Scandal and demanding the Trudeau be held accountable. 

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21 March 2019

The petition Bergen authorized highlights four points. It says "The allegations outlined in media reports and the recent testimony of the former Attorney General, Jody Wilson-Raybould, suggest significant wrongdoing and potential obstruction of justice by the Prime Minister." 

The petition also claims that Trudeau misled Canadians, has failed to answer questions in Parliament, and that "the Prime Minister has lost the moral authority to govern."

Via petitions.ourcommons

As of 5 PM EST on March 21, the petition has 12,532 signatures. On the e-petition platform they also breakdown where the signatures are coming from. In this case, a lot of them are from Alberta. 

In fact, out of the 12,532 signatures, 4551 of them are out of Alberta. That's over 36% of the signatures. As for the rest of the signatures, over 3000 of them are out of Ontario while BC, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan each contributed over 1000 signatures. 

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Canadians have until May 4, 2019, at 1:52 PM EST to sign the petition, which has a chance of being heard in the House of Commons.