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Thousands Of Summer Jobs Have Been Shut Down For Canadian Students And Here's Why

Unfortunately, it looks as if students are going to have fewer jobs to choose from this Summer. It all has to do with some massive cuts to fundingfor over 1,500 Canadian organizations that were applying for funding through the government's summer jobs program.

While 126 companies were rejected in 2017, a whopping 1,561 were rejected this year out of the 41,031 that were considered eligible through the application process.

The reason for these organizations getting snubbed this year? There are several, ranging from not meeting the general requirements for funding, forgetting to fill out details on forms, as well as even the nature of the organizations themselves and their values.

Money was also a player in the decision. Considering the amount that was spent in previous years, it was evident that there needed to be a stricter review put in place in order to give the money to the right people. Considering that in previous years they ran the risk of giving funding to companies who could have been dishonest in their application. 

Many Canadians were also concerned about the funding money that had gone towards religious groups in previous years that were sending students to protest outside of abortion clinics or hand out graphic pamphlets. These same groups were also discriminatory in their hiring, refusing to bring those on staff who identified as part of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Ultimately while the changes are going to limit job optionsfor students, the changes were made to ultimately help young Canadians and get the funding money into the right, and more deserving hands of organizations who fit the requirements.

As Labour Minister Patty Hajdu was quoted saying, "young people are counting on us to stand up for their rights to deliver this program in a way that is fair and equitable and respects all Canadians and that's exactly what we'll do." 

Source: HuffPost Canada 

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