Justin Trudeau Got Threatened At An Event Near Toronto Last Night

Trudeau was in Mississauga last night for a Liberal fundraising.
Toronto Staff Writer
Justin Trudeau Got Threatened At An Event Near Toronto Last Night

A man was detained by police last night after threatening Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to a report by Global News, Trudeau was attending a Liberal fundraising event in Mississauga, Ontario when a man uttered threats towards him. Peel Regional Police later arrested the man who made the threat against Justin Trudeau.

The RCMP wrote in a statement which was released by the Peel Regional Police that the man was arrested "without incident" and that charges are still being processed for the individual. According to a further report, there were no threats to public safety or to the Prime Minister.

The fundraiser was held at the Mississauga Convention Centre located at 75 Derry Rd West. The event reportedly lasted four hours starting at 5:00 PM and ending around 9:00 PM, reports Mississauga.com.

Peel Police detained the suspect; however, the RCMP has since taken over the investigation, the suspect was then taken to Missisagua police's 12th Division. The man will appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton this Thursday.

Trudeau was made aware of the protestors gathered outside of the venue. The Prime Minister even went as far as to thank the protestors for their civic participation, Global News reports. 

Speculation about the detained protestor has already begun, with some believing him to part of the Yellow Vests political extremist group. The Yellow Vests are a right-wing activist group who oppose many of Trudeau's policies.

Whether or not the man had any affiliation with the Yellow Vests remains unknown at this time.