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Three Naked Canadians Tried To Kidnap Someone While On Hallucinogens And The Story Is Just Wild

Canada can be home to some pretty interesting individuals, but the story that has come out of Edmonton definitely takes the cake for the weirdest story we've ever heard. Oddly enough, the whole thing started with a cup of tea and kind of reminds me of the bath salt situation of 2013. 

Back in November, two women and one man in Alberta whose identities are concealed due to a publication ban attempted to kidnap a woman and her baby. While that sentence alone is quite jarring, what sparked the trio's desire to take the woman and baby in the first place is the oddest part of all. 

Via @brettpatzka | Unsplash

After the trio decided to execute the kidnapping, they travelled in their car naked, yes, naked - towards their victim's house. From there, one of the members of the group went into the house where the victims, a woman and her baby, were forced into the car. There they were met by the other two naked people sitting in the vehicle.

So what exactly was going on here?! Apparently the three suspects "may have unknowingly drank some hallucinogenic tea" according to a relative of the group. Unfortunately for us, that's the extent of context that's available to the public right now. 

Via @rawpixel | Unsplash

Regardless of the circumstances that caused the whole situation, the three kidnappers plead guilty to unlawful confinement, while one of the women also plead guilty to dangerous driving. Their sentencing will be taking place later in the year on December 20th. 

While it's definitely the weirdest situation we've ever heard of, it'll definitely be interesting to see if any more information is revealed as to what exactly went down that day once the court date arrives. And more importantly, maybe we'll find out exactly what tea they were drinking. 

Source:Global News Canada 

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