Three Time World Champion Figure Skater Patrick Chan Quits The Olympics

He will be missed.
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Three Time World Champion Figure Skater Patrick Chan Quits The Olympics

Patrick Chan is a householdname in Canada. Most Canadians associate his name with champion, figure skating and pride. The Toronto-born Olympian began competing in figure skating all the way back in 2003. 

Throughout his accomplished career, Chan has never won Olympic gold. He has won world championships, earned himself Olympic silver but he still hadn't won first place at the Olympics.

Last October, Chan finished 4th in the Skate Canada International Grand Prix competition. Even with his decorated past in figure skating, Canadians began to wonder if his winning streak was over.

During his team skate last week, Chan started off a bit wobbly (he fell during his first triple axel) but he somehow managed to take first place in the event. Chan helped his team earn Canada the gold medal in this year's team figure skating event, and we can't help but hope he goes for more gold while he's on top!

In a previous interview, Chan admitted that this would be his last Olympics. With his retirement looming, Chan stated that in Thursday's men's event, he is going to truly skate "for himself" and that this time around he "doesn't have gold in mind". Chan admits that he's not including as many technical tricks as his competitors are, which means he really is trying to enjoy his last moment in the spotlight.

We're devastated to see Chan perform his last Olympic event. Even though he claims that he doesn't have gold on his mind this time around, I can't help but think that his gold medal win has him hungry for one more Olympic gold medal.

Source: CBC News

Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager
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