It looks like Mother Nature isn't done with the winter weather just yet. As residents were getting ready for some spring heat, a thundersnow storm in Ontario greeted them instead. This kind of storm usually only occurs during the winter months and is super rare to spot. 

Well, it may sound like a typo, "thundersnow" is actually a type of storm which combines the chilliness of a snowstorm to the spookiness of a thunderstorm. 

Residents of Kingston, Ontario were able to spot the storm on Tuesday evening as it rolled through the city at around 4 p.m., according to The Weather Network. 

Videos were able to capture graupel, which is small snow pellets, as well as rumbles of thunder hitting the city at the same time. 

While the storm is usually rare during the winter months, it's even more shocking that it hit a city in the middle of May. 

However, according to TWN, the reason the storm was able to occur so late in the year was due to the chilly temperatures that the province has been facing throughout the past month. 

So, what causes these wonders of nature to happen? It has to due to the angle of the sun and unstable air aloft.

"The angle of the sun caused air parcels to rise several kilometres up into the cold, unstable air aloft where temperatures were around -20°C. Temperatures near the ground were cold enough for the precipitation to fall as snow instead of rain," read a statement from TWN.

However, it's not the only bad weather that the province has been facing over the past few weeks. 

As a polar vortex makes its way through the province, the cold air is breaking records across Ontario.

Toronto shattered records on Tuesday, with the coldest May 12 ever recorded in history.  

Thankfully, Ontario's summer weather will make an appearance this weekend with temperatures set to float around the 30 C mark.