This spring season has been hitting Texas hard with heavy rains, thunderstorms, hail, and flash flooding all in the past couple of months. The beautiful sunny weather this past weekend was just a tiny break for us Texans because starting today and lasting through Wednesday, we may be getting hit with more storms, flooding, and even possible tornadoes from the incoming storm system traveling south from the Midwest.

Be sure to bring your potted plants back indoors for the next few days as the storm system coming in from the Rockies will overtake Texas, bringing in a predicted 5 inches of rain. North Texas will get hit first with plenty of rain and lightning, with Central and South Texas to follow over the next three days. There is predicted to be severe thunderstorms, which could definitely bring flash flooding and even hail to many Texas cities.

We hope you enjoyed the nice weather over the weekend – because that nice weather is coming to an end. We've got strong/severe storm chances today-Wednesday along with a big gully-washer. It's going to be a wet and stormy week. #txwxDetails:

April 22, 2019

Just this month on April 13th, multiple casualties were dealt when a tornado touched down in Franklin, Texas, a city at about the midpoint in between Houston, Austin, and Dallas. With this incoming storm, Texans are encouraged to prepare their homes in case of another tornado hitting the area.

Some Texas cities also saw a lot of hail in a storm that occurred earlier this month, and this incoming storm poses the same threat. Try to find a safe place to park your car in case of hail raining down! North Texans should prepare for the hardest rains to hit later today and tomorrow, and Central Texas should prepare to see the heaviest storms on Wednesday afternoon to evening.

Please prepare accordingly and always plan the safest ways to get to and from work in the event of a thunderstorm that may include flooding or tornadoes.