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Jeff & Lauren Lowe From Tiger King Are Sending Cameos Saying Carole Did It

If you were wondering what Jeff and Lauren Lowe from Tiger King have been up to since filming the docu-series, the answer is simple. The couple has been finding ways to convince fans that Carole Baskin did, in fact, kill her late husband Don Lewis. One of their newest ways of spreading the word is through Cameo, an app that allows you to pay for personalized video messages from your favorite celebrities.

Jeff and Lauren don't have Instagram accounts themselves, though you can easily keep up with them via their zoo's Instagram here.

They've been tackling a number of platforms lately, from Facebook to TikTok, and now, Cameo.

If you've never used the app before, it's used for fans to pay their favorite celebrities, influencers, reality stars, and more to send them personalized messages.

The messages can be whatever you want, really! And to no one's surprise, Jeff seems to be mentioning Carole in the Cameos he sends to fans quite a bit.

Not that he and Joe Exotic are on very good terms right now, but we'd like to think Joe would be proud of his former partner for using his free time to sabotage Carole and her business.

This particular Cameo starts with "Hi Ellen, this is Jeff and Lauren from the Tiger King."

"We'd like to wish you a very exotic birthday and hope that you enjoy the show."

At the end of the message Jeff off with, "And I wanted you to know the evidence doesn't lie. Carole did kill her husband."

Lauren even chimes in with, "Stay wild!" 

According to the Instagram post announcing their Cameo debut, Jeff and Lauren will be answering Tiger King questions, make personalized shoutouts, greetings, etc on the app.