Tim Hortons Apologizes For Making Humboldt Tribute Donuts And Not Sending All Proceeds To The Team

The Humboldt tragedy that has broken the country has come with an overwhelming response from Canadians as a way to try and show support. From the hashtag #PutYourStickOut to the nearly 7 million dollars raised on the GoFundMe page created just 3 days ago in support of the victims and their families. Though one effort went sour very quickly and has left Tim Hortons scrambling to apologize. 

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It's no secret that Tim Hortons definitely isn't Canada's favourite coffee shop anymore, but the recent actions of one location have landed the franchise into even hotter water than before. 

It all started after one Tim Hortons franchise in Fall River, Nova Scotia created a donut with green and yellow sprinkles on it, made intentionally to support the Humboldt Broncos. Though when people went to buy the donate and asked where the money was going, the owner said that they "weren't intending to donate the proceeds to the team." Rather the donut was just made as a 'gesture.' 

Since then after public outrage over the franchise's choice, Tim Hortons released a statement claiming that the blunder was due to the fact that the one franchise in question had released their donut before Tims had a chance to launch their fundraising campaign. As of now they have a fundraising campaign running in support of the Humboldt Broncos where all proceeds raised from people buying the donut will go directly to the Broncos. 

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If you want to grab a donut and support the Broncos you can head over to your local franchise, but you can also make a direct donut-free donation by heading over to the GoFundMe page set up for the team by clicking here