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I Tried Tim Hortons' New Beyond Meat Burger And This Is My Honest Opinion

The burgers are available at stores across Canada.
I Tried Tim Hortons' New Beyond Meat Burger And This Is My Honest Opinion

In case you haven't already heard, Tim Hortons has expanded their menu Wednesday morning by adding a 'burger' section to their always-growing selection. However, instead of introducing normal burgers to their menu, Tim Hortons has decided to take it a step further and add two 'Beyond Meat' burgers. These two new Tim Hortons Beyond Meat Burgers have been a popular topic this morning, so I decided to head down to my nearest Tim Hortons and give one a try. 

Guests can choose from the two different burgers on the menu at locations across Canada. The Beyond Burger is like a regular cheeseburger, containing a plant-based patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, sandwiched between two sesame seed buns. They also offer a BBQ version of the burger, which includes the same ingredients with the addition of BBQ sauce. 

These plant-based patties are perfect for vegetarians or anyone just looking to try a meatless twist on a normal burger.

These famous Beyond Meat patties are designed to taste just like real beef burgers and have already been incorporated at other fast-food joints across Canada.

As a meat-eater myself, I headed to Tim Hortons to see just how much these burgers tasted like the real thing. 

Being a more traditional burger eater, I opted for the normal Beyond Burger. The first thing I noticed is the low price.

You can get either burger for $5.69, which matches the prices of similar fast food burgers. This means you can also grab a coffee and some Timbits on the side without hurting your wallet. 

The second thing I noticed is how in demand the burger actually is across Canada.

Even though the burger was only announced today, it seems like everyone is flocking to their nearest store to give it a try.

While waiting in line, both customers in front of me also ordered the burger. When I finally reached the counter, the employee informed me that I had snagged the second last burger they had and that customers had cleared out their stock before dinner time had even hit.

After making it home and unwrapping the burger, I wasn't surprised to see that it looked like any other regular fast-food burger.

Of course, it doesn't quite look like the amazing photos that Tim Hortons has released, but burgers never look like they are promised to.

As for the taste, I was surprised to find that it actually did taste like meat. Sadly, the taste wasn't anything that jumps out you, but I was surprised in that it resembles any other fast-food burger that you would pick up around the city. 

It's definitely something that I would grab again if I was craving a quick burger on the go. Yet, it didn't stand out as anything special compared to other burgers I have tried in the past. 

One disappointing factor I have to mention is that the Beyond Meat patty isn't nearly as amazing as the Beyond Meat sausage Tim Hortons offers in their breakfast sandwiches. 

Earlier this year, I tested the Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwiches and fell in love with the farmer's wrap they offered. The plant-based sausage tasted even better than their real meat. 

Overall, the Beyond Meat patty tastes just like any other normal burger, but it doesn't stand out as the breakfast sandwiches did. 

If you're a vegetarian, this is a really great option for you. Considering, Tim Hortons didn't have any burgers on their menu before, if you're looking for a filling lunch that's also vegetarian, this is a great option.

The BBQ Beyond Burger and the regular Beyond Burger are both available at all locations across Canada.

If you're interested in trying more Beyond Meat menu items, their Beyond Meat breakfast options are really delicious. In collaboration with Beyond Meat, Tim Hortons was able to create a new Beyond Meat sausage patty that completely unique and totally tasty. If you're vegan, you can get a vegan option of the breakfast sandwich as well. 

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