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Tim Hortons Will Be Cutting Off Beyond Meat Burgers From Most Canadians Soon

Just outside of B.C. and Ontario, that is.
Tim Hortons' Beyond Meat Products Will Now Only Be Available In BC And Ontario

It seems that Canadians might not have a taste for simulated meat, at least not when it comes from Tim Hortons. The chain has apparently decided to stop selling its Beyond Meat products throughout Canada, according to reports from Bloomberg News Network and the Journal de Montréal. Tim Hortons Beyond Meat products will, however, still be available in B.C. and Ontario.

Tim Hortons had previously offered its Beyond Meat products nationwide, but decided to scale their sales back to just two provinces. In a statement to Narcity, the company said, "We are always listening to our guests and testing a wide variety of products across the country." They added that reactions to the Beyond Meat products in Ontario and B.C. were "positive."

The statement also noted, "Both the Beyond Burger and Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches were introduced as a limited time offer." Both products feature the disclaimer in their advertisements on the Tim Hortons website.

However, the statement continued, "Like any limited time offer, we may explore offering the product again in other provinces at a future date based on ongoing guest feedback." 

The first Beyond Meat products were the breakfast sandwiches which were offered in June of 2019. Then in July, Tim Hortons surprised everyone by offering Beyond Meat burgers at its restaurants.

According to BNN, José Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International Inc. (the parent company of Tim Hortons), told analysts, "We looked at the Beyond Meat burger as well as a kind of limited time offer to see how it would react and we're encouraged by some of the behaviour there."

However, Cil added that the company is "really a coffee and baked goods business with a very strong sandwich offering with soups and other products that are natural to our restaurants."

Ontario and B.C. residents may be the only ones who can get their hands on Tim Hortons Beyond Meat products for now, but if there is enough demand in the rest of the country, maybe they'll come back to the rest of Canada.

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