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Tim Hortons Bread Bowls Are Back In Just One Canadian Province Right Now

But Tim Hortons is keeping it on the down low.
Tim Hortons Bread Bowls

When you're a Canadian, it's pretty much impossible to live without Tim Hortons. Whether you're grabbing an iced capp, a breakfast sandwich, or some tasty Timbits, the restaurant has become a staple in the lives of so many. Recently, Tim Horton bread bowls have been appearing on menus around Alberta, but the company is keeping quiet about word of a comeback.

Unfortunately for Canadians outside Alberta, it looks as though the edible bowls are only being tested at select locations in Calgary and Edmonton.

The restaurant chain has remained relatively quiet about the recent launch of the bowls at select restaurants.

According to CTV News, at least 13 locations in Alberta have the bread bowl on their menu. 

"Tim Hortons is always listening to our guests and continues to test a wide variety of potential products in select restaurants across the country,” a Tim Hortons spokesperson told Narcity.

Tim Hortons is keeping their lips suspiciously tight about the whole bread bowl launch. With no official press release and no mention of it on social media, they're playing this one close to the chest.

When Tim Hortons launched Beyond Meat they did so nationwide but then rolled back the product to just B.C. and Ontario.

Since those provinces have Beyond Meat, maybe they thought that Tim Hortons fans in Alberta needed a special claim to fame.

The item was quietly removed from the menu in the mid-2010s, as low-carb diets began rising in popularity.

Who knows, maybe more people will give up keto if it makes a comeback nationwide.

The famous bowl initially rolled out back in 2000, along with some comedic commercials that featured the famous tagline, "then I ate the bowl!"

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