Tim Hortons is celebrating Canada's birthday in a big way with a brand new, limited edition donut. The Tim Hortons Canada Day Donut is about to be available at participating restaurants across the country. The Canada Day Fireworks Donut is unlike any other - according to Tim Hortons, it "actually pops."

The Canada Day Donut is a classic, vanilla donut dipped in white fondant. It's topped with red and white sprinkles and - the magic ingredient - popping candy.

The donut officially drops on Wednesday, June 26th. You can get your hands on the Canada Day Donut for just $1.59 CAD, but prices may vary by region.

Here's what the donut looks like:

The donut will likely only be available until the end of the long weekend, so you only have a few days to try it. 

The Canada Day Fireworks Donut sounds like the perfect pairing with a refreshing Iced Capp. And who doesn't love popping candy?!