You can now 'have a break' in the very best way possible, with the arrival of a Kit Kat-inspired menu at Canada's favourite coffee break venue! With menu items like these, you'll definitely want to treat yourself more than once. Tim Hortons Canada's Kit Kat collection hit stores on October 2 and it looks divine.

With the upcoming opening of the Kit Kat Chocolatory in Toronto, a Kit Kat Tim Horton's collaboration just makes sense. The chocolaty menu just launched across the country.

The line features all sorts of treats that turn Tim Horton's into a chocolate lover's paradise. Warm up with a rich cup of Kit Kat Hot Chocolate or a divine Kit Kat Latte. The Kit Kat Ice Capp is filled with creamy goodness, and all three drinks are topped with a dollop of whipped cream and Kit Kat crumbles.

Drinks aren't the only things chocoholics can get their hands on! Bite into a decadent Kit Kat Chocolate Truffle Bar or a gooey Kit Kat Caramel-Filled Donut. The entire line is available only for a limited time.

Tim Hortons Kit Kat Line

Price: $1.59-3.79 

Why You Need It: Tim Hortons + Kit Kat = deliciousness!