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Tim Hortons Is Banning Reusable Cups Over COVID-19 & It's Going To Affect Roll Up The Rim

They're cancelling their upcoming cup giveaway!
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Tim Hortons Is Banning Reusable Cups Over COVID-19 & It's Going To Affect Roll Up The Rim

There's going to be some changes to how you order from one of Canada's most well-known chains, especially if you like to use your own travel mug. The Tim Hortons coronavirus concerns have put a pause on reusable cups being accepted in-store. This isn't the first time a popular chain has made this same move.

Tim Hortons announced on March 6 that stores across Canada won't be accepting reusable cups anymore because of health concerns surrounding COVID-19.

So if you want to get your coffee, tea or any other beverage in a receptacle you brought from home, you'll have to just settle for a paper one.

"Although experts continue to indicate a low risk in Canada, we are taking a measured, reasonable approach and will continue to monitor, evaluate and update our procedures should it become warranted," Tims said in a news release.

This move from the company comes at an interesting time. Roll Up The Rim is starting on March 11 and for the first time included an incentive to be more sustainable.

During the four-week contest, bringing in a reusable cup gets you more rolls on the app.

Even with the new measures being taken because of the virus, Tims will still honour the three digital rolls.

In order to take advantage of them, bring your travel mug to a store, buy a hot beverage and when you scan your Tims Rewards card, you'll still get the rolls on the app.

Unfortunately, they won't fill it up, but you'll still get your order in a disposable drink container. That's not the only impact on the annual game though. 

On March 10, Tims was supposed to give out 1.8 million reusable receptacles across Canada to promote this new Roll Up The Rim element. But because of the virus, it has been delayed until later in the year.

Along with pressing pause on accepting travel mugs brought from home, stores are reinforcing proper health and sanitization procedures.

Also, the company is getting extra gloves, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products in case they're needed in the near future.

The day before Timmies made this temporary move away from reusable options, Starbucks Canada announced the same thing but also included "for here" dishes.

There has been no word on how long this pause on reusable cups at Tim Hortons will last.

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