This Tim Hortons 'Fight Song' Dance For Health Care Heroes In BC Is So Cute (VIDEO)

Sweetest Tim Ho's ever!
Tim Hortons Dance In BC Cheers On Health Care Heroes With A 'Fight Song' (VIDEO)

One coffee shop in B.C. served up a whole lot more than just donuts. On a groggy Monday morning, a bunch of the workers stepped out for a song and dance salute to health care workers. The Tim Hortons dance in B.C. was shared on Facebook and brought a double-double helping of smiles to any Canadian who loves good news.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, March 26, by the local employees of one Tim Hortons in Vernon, B.C.

"You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think," wrote the uploader, Raffy Porcesca Evarrola, on Facebook. "We're all in this together. Salute to all Front-liners!"

Over the next few hours, the video received hundreds of shares and thousands of views. It showed six staff in their black and red uniforms out in front of the store, with two metres between them, of course.

Then a tuned-up remix of "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten started playing, and the people start synchronized dancing. The video starts off slow, but then gets pretty intense at the end.

Tons of people flooded the comments with messages of support in English and Filipino.

"Couldn't be any prouder! Keep safe guys!" commented one person on the video.

We reached out to some of the dancers for comment.

"We put up this together to inspire the community and to give tribute to all frontline workers, for we know how brave and courageous they were and also to cheer people up," said Hazel Ignacio, one of the dancers, to the Vernon Morning Star.

According to the Morning Star, all of the dancers were foreign workers who came to Canada hoping for citizenship. Now they're essential frontline workers risking their lives for others.

"The whole thing was planned and done to uplift the spirits of the community in this trying time,” said Evarrola to Kelowna's Infotel News.

"It’s to cheer people up and to remind them that this too shall pass."

The video's just one of the many small ways that British Columbians are showing their support to health care workers, but this could be the coolest Tim Hortons in Canada right now.