Sometimes you just need that double-double and nothing will stop you from filling that craving. It doesn't matter if there's a snowstorm outside and your only method of transportation available is a dog sled, you'll get your Tims. That's what happened in this Tim Hortons dog sled drive-thru video and it will warm even the coldest of hearts. It's so Canadian and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Nova Scotians from East Coast Mushing, a group that promotes mushing in Atlantic Canada, went through one of the coffee chain's drive-thrus on their pet-pulled sleds and it was so adorable.

The group was mushing in Lower Sackville when they paid a visit to a local Timmies to get warm drinks and Timbits to end off a fun snow-filled day.

"We had mushed through a snowstorm and the dogs —and humans — were in need of a treat. We couldn't go in and leave the dogs alone so we mushed through the drive-thru," Kurt Repchull, a member of East Coast Mushing, told Narcity. 

After ordering and gliding up to the pick-up window, one of the members takes a drink and a box of Timbits from the Tim Hortons employee and the animals get so excited.

The video that the group posted on Facebook of the adventure is so adorable to watch.

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On the Facebook post, one person commented, "this is my goal in life."

"The new Tim Hortons drive-in," another one said.

Someone else said that it was "sledding at its finest."

The group and their hard-working drivers were busy taking kids for sled rides and gliding through the neighbourhood before getting to their final stop of the day for sweet treats and some relaxation time too.

"The dogs love the attention and the people working at the drive-thru got their first customers of the day due to all of the snow," Shelly Repchull, a member of East Coast Mushing, told Narcity.

However, these little guys weren't the only furry friends out enjoying that snowstorm. The cutest doggos were out in full force across Nova Scotia, playing in the fresh powder and having a great time.

If you see dogs going through a Tim Hortons drive-thru on a blanket of snow, you're one of the lucky ones who get to see all the stereotypical Canadian cuteness firsthand.