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Tim Hortons Is Giving Up On Their Weird Light-Up Visa Cards

The lights have gone out on Tim Hortons' Double Double card, literally and figuratively.
Tim Hortons Double Double Card Won't Be Usable Come January 2020

If you have one of those light-up Tim Hortons credit cards we've got some bad news for you. The Tim Hortons Double Double card won't be usable come January 2020. Hopefully you got the most out of your card while you could!

Tim Hortons is getting rid of the Double Double Visa credit card in the new year and moving on to explore other ways of giving customers rewards and perks for loyalty. 

"CIBC will no longer be offering the CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card to clients. This was a joint decision and will allow both of our organizations to pursue other opportunities to provide credit card and reward offerings that are tailored to the needs of our respective clients," said Trish Tervit, CIBC spokesperson, on behalf of the bank and Tim Hortons to the Toronto Star

The credit card, which was first introduced back in 2014, has two buttons on the face of the card that let customers choose between using their Visa account or redeeming the loyalty points at Tims locations.

With the card, people earned one percent back in Tims Rewards money from all purchases made with the card.

Even though some people enjoyed the card and getting loyalty points with it, the Double Double card was not without problems over the years.

People complained about employees not knowing about the card's perks, the lights and buttons not working, and problems with points.

One person even called the card "a bit of a dud."

And at least one person was able to find some humour in the card cancellation and the card problems.

The elimination of the card comes as Tim Hortons is trying to encourage customers to use an app-based version of Tims Rewards.

News of the end of the Double Double card comes less than a year after Tims announced a new loyalty rewards program that offered Canadians a free hot brewed coffee, hot tea, or baked good after every seven purchases.

"We're also advancing efforts to convert guests onto the digital loyalty platform where we can best deliver personalized offers,” said José Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands International, Tim Hortons' parent company.

People with the Double Double card will be sent a replacement CIBC Dividend Visa card which earns cash back on all purchases instead of Tims Rewards points.

The new card, like the Double Double card, has no annual fee.

Cardholders will also be emailed a virtual card that lets them spend all the Tims Rewards points they've accumulated.

You'll have until January 8, 2020, to make purchases with your Double Double Visa card.

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