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Tim Hortons Just Launched 3 New "Dream Donut" Flavours & They're So Fancy

So dreamy!
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Tim Hortons Dream Donuts Are Now Available Across Canada & They're Fancy

You're not dreaming, this is real. Tim Hortons Dream Donuts are now available across Canada and they sound so decadent. If you're a donut lover, these three fancy new flavours are something to get excited about. Do-nut hesitate to go out and try one, or all, of the new treats.

On January 8, Tim Hortons officially launched its new line of baked goods that is aptly named Dream Donuts because it really is what dreams are made of.

Now Canadians across the country can indulge in these tasty treats since they are available in stores now.

The new flavours are Dulce de Leche Crème, Strawberry Confetti and Chocolate Truffle donuts. 

They feature premium fillings and toppings along with amazing decorations like icing swirls and colourful confetti.

"We're very excited about introducing our dream donuts to all of Canada," said Michael Hancock, chief operating officer at Tim Hortons, in a news release.

The three new flavours aren't just the stuff of dreams. They are actually inspired by some of the most popular creations from the Tim Hortons innovation café in Toronto which opened to the public in July 2019.

The Dulce de Leche Crème creation is dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar and filled with creamy caramel.

It's all about pink when it comes to the Strawberry Confetti option. The fried treat is dipped in pink fondant with a swirl of strawberry icing and topped with brightly coloured confetti.

The Chocolate Truffle donut is a dream come true for chocolate lovers. Not only is it made of chocolate but it's cut in half and filled with whipped chocolate.

Then, it's coated in a chocolate ganache and dark chocolate shavings.

These treats might just put you in a sugar coma but it'll be so worth it.

Tim Hortons' COO also said it is "starting with" the three new flavours, meaning there could be more coming soon. 

"This is just the first of many exciting initiatives we've tested at the innovation café that Canadians across the country will soon get to enjoy," said Hancock.

So be on the lookout for more exciting tasty treats!

The Dream Donuts are now available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada for $1.99.

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