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12 Tim Hortons Dream Donuts That Are More Like Nightmares

These will not make your dreams come true.
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Tim Hortons Dream Donuts Seem More Like Nightmares Than Dreams

When heading out to your local Timmies, or any other fast food restaurant for that matter, you probably don't expect that every food item is going to be perfect like what you see in the ad. Humans are humans, and there are bound to be a few slip-ups with icing, glazes or fillings. However, these 12 photos show just how badly things can turn out. Tim Hortons' Dream Donuts seem more like a nightmare than a dream.

The new line of baked goods was launched across the country on January 8. 

The line features three new flavours, Dulce de Leche Crème, Strawberry Confetti and Chocolate Truffle, which were inspired by items available at the chain's innovation café.

It's not surprising that following the launch, people have been taking to social media to share the hits and misses of the coffee chain's newest menu item. 

It appears that when the fried treats are good, they're really good — with expert icing, sprinkles and filling. However, when they're bad — they're really bad.

Fortunately for those who haven't yet tasted these new desserts, Canadians who have been less than impressed by the products have shared their hilarious and sometimes just plain sad encounters with the new treats online.

Here are 12 pictures of the Tim Hortons donuts that show just how much of a nightmare they can be.

Dulce De Leche Crème Dreams Dashed

A few people have noted that in the Dulce de Leche Crème option there was hardly any filling. That's a surefire way to disappoint customers.

The creation is supposed to be dusted with sweet cinnamon sugar and filled with creamy caramel.

Expectation Vs. Reality

This Instagram user wrote, "That's a fail Tim Hortons. Maybe some quality control direction to your outlets is in order?"

Not only does this look nothing like the advertisement, but the dollop is not looking very dreamy.

Wrong Icing

Even though this person wasn't disappointed with their donut, that blob on top should be a pink swirl of strawberry icing. Here though, it seems to be just white buttercream frosting.

That Might Be A Little Too Much Caramel

In the first photo, the Strawberry Confetti ones are actually pretty good, but in both of them, the blob of Dulce de Leche Crème topping leaves a lot to be desired.

Flush This One Down The Toilet

Now, this is a comparison nobody wants to think about.

This is definitely not what dreams are made of.

Somebody Forgot Something

Ever order a bagel from Tim Hortons and been disappointed by the lack of cream cheese when you finally get it?

The same goes for this Chocolate Truffle donut. There's literally nothing inside.

Not As Advertised 

It seems like the strawberry donuts really aren't living up to expectations.

Both of these people agree that what they thought they were getting wasn't actually what they ended up with.

Bad Icing Job

If this is what the icing looks like in a case, imagine what it's going to look like after being put in a box.

More Filling, Please

The Chocolate Truffle item is supposed to be filled with delicious whipped chocolate, and that's on top of the three other types of chocolate the donut has. Instead, a scant amount was just smeared around inside this one.

This will not make your dreams come true.

Narcity has reached out to Tim Hortons for comment and will update this story when we hear a response.

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