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Tim Hortons Employees Just Revealed The Worst Things Canadians Do At Drive-Thrus

From holding up the lines to tanking the workers target times.
Tim Hortons Employees Just Revealed The Worst Things Canadians Do At Drive-Thrus

Every morning at Tim Hortons across the country, Canadians are lined up in drive-thrus to get their morning double-doubles and breakfast sandwiches. But on the other side of those drive-thru windows are the brave Tim Hortons workers who have to face the daily morning rush. 

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Tim Hortons workers have flipped the switch and revealed what it's really like being on the other side of the drive-thru. On a Reddit thread, they have revealed the worst and most annoying thing customers do in the drive-thrus. If you're a regular at Timmies, you should avoid the following. 

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A big pet peeve for Tims employees is when customers order in the drive-thru, the worker confirms if that's everything, they say yes,  and then they get up to the window and want to change their order. As it turns out when this happens workers get in trouble from their managers for not confirming orders when it's really not their fault at all. 

This is annoying not only to everyone in line behind you but also to workers. Tims employees revealed that they are actually being timed on every order in the drive-thru to make sure they serve them fast enough. When people don't know the total despite being told or have to fish around for change, it tanks the employees times and they can get in trouble from management. 

Another one that angers both the customers behind you and the drive-thru staff is "dilly-dallying" at the window after you have gotten your order. Not only does taking your time putting your wallet away or texting your friends piss off everyone behind you, but it also ruins the times for the workers who are trying to fill all the orders after you. Their advice: if you need to do stuff just pull into a spot in the parking lot. 

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This is another one that holds up the drive-thru lines and tank workers times. We totally understand wanting to make sure you got the right order, but a quick glance into the bag or cup will let you know. Workers hate it when people feel the need to take a bite or sip of everything they ordered to make sure it's right. 

One of the biggest pleas from Drive-Thru workers is that if you have a big order, it's better for everyone if you just come into the store. Making a lot of sandwiches at lunchtime can be really time-consuming, which kills the worker's time. You can also imagine that having to maneuver a bunch of those big donut boxes through a small window isn't easy either. 

This should be an obvious thing to avoid, but a number of Tim Hortons workers have unfortunately experienced aggression from their customers. One worker told Vice that a person had come through the drive-thru just to throw a pumpkin at the window, making a mess on the ground, walls, and in the store. Another Tims worker told them that a lady who was having a bad day threw her Timbits back through the window after receiving her order, hitting the worker in the face. 

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Now that you know all the secrets, like the fact that the workers have target times they have to meet, you should practice better drive-thru etiquette next time you're in line for your daily double-double, and don't do any of those super annoying things that Tim Hortons workers hate. 

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Next time you're mad about a long line or hating on Tim Hortons for the number of things they do like their apparently terrible food quality or the fact that they are actually American, just remember, it's not always the employees' fault.