Tim Hortons' New Froot Loop Dream Donut Is Coming Next Month & It Looks Fabulous

Tims is sending us loopy!
Tim Hortons sort bientôt des beignes aux Froot Loops

Can’t decide between cereal or donuts? Soon, you won't have to. The latest Dream Donut from Canada's coffee shop of choice combines the doughy dessert with a sugary breakfast classic. The Tim Hortons Froot Loops donut is officially coming and it’s next-level breakfast goals. 

Okay, maybe (definitely) it doesn’t make for the healthiest breakfast choice but paired with a couple of the also-new Froot Loops Timbits, this new treat is the snack we all need right now. 

A surprised customer told Narcity he stumbled across the new Timbits and a sign for the donut in a Mississauga store at Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue on Tuesday, April 21.

But while a representative from Tim Hortons confirmed the treats are coming, the donut will not be widely available until May.

"The Froot Loops Dream Donut and Froot Loops Timbit are part of our new product calendar for 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made some changes and made the decision to keep this new product," the representative told Narcity.

Though Tim's initially informed Narcity the donut and Timbit would be available from May 6, a subsequent statement pushed that date back to May 27.*

Canadians were thrilled at the thought of the decadent new Dream Donuts when they initially launched in January 2020.

And although things didn’t necessarily start off too dreamy, the excitement is back for this latest fruity addition.

The Froot Loops donut has been seen in Toronto before, like back in July 2019 at the Tim Hortons Innovation Cafe on King Street.

But now that it’s back and available in regular Tim’s stores, we can't wait to get our hands on one. Or several.

The newest version is set to be a little different, too.

According to the rep, the new treat is made with a plain donut, covered in sweet strawberry fondant and topped with Froot Loops crumbles.

Meanwhile, the Timbit is made from a citrus cake Timbit, glazed with strawberry fondant and rolled in a crushed and crunchy Froot Loops topping.

Um, okay, we're ordering a whole dozen!

The dream donuts retail for $1.99 while the Timbits will cost just $0.29 each, although prices will vary by region.

You’ll be able to find them at participating locations all across Canada, and they’ll be available on Uber Eats and SkipTheDishes as well so you can get them delivered right to your door.

No need to go wild with the hand sanitizer in the drive-thru line, then. Thank goodness for that.

So, we may have a few weeks to wait yet, but our mouths are already watering.

Donuts for breakfast? Now that's the real dream. 

*This article has been updated.

Froot Loops Dream Donut

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Donuts, duh!

Address: Tim Hortons stores across Canada 

Why You Need To Go: If you're a breakfast lover, this latest Dream Donut truly is the donut of your dreams!

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