We all know the basics of the Tim Hortons menu. It’s practically considered a crime in Canada if you don’t stop in for a double-double at least once a year.

Recently, Tim Hortons announced a massive expansion into China. To appeal to their new customer base, they’ve changed the menu so much that we barely recognize it.

Yesterday, Canadians learned that they were getting new lids for their coffee, but the Chinese got a whole new menu. And it's super different. 

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So what could Canada’s most iconic food restaurant have done to the menu to make it new for China?

One of the additions is something called matcha. It’s a tea-based powder that comes in a green colour and is extraordinarily popular in Asia.

They haven’t just updated the drinks, they’ve even added new foods to the menu as well. Among the new foods is a dish called congee, which is essentially described as a rice porridge, an example of which you can see below. 

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The company is going to be focusing much of its efforts in China on breakfast and lunch instead of things like doughnuts, as they aren’t as popular in Asia as they are here in Canada.

President of Tim Hortons, Alex Macedo, says that the menu changes are designed to help the company attract customers with foods and drinks that reflect traditional Chinese culture.

Some things will remain the same, though. Iced coffees are becoming much more popular with younger generations in Asia now, and Tim Hortons is hoping to capitalize on that with its many iced drinks. 

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In addition to China, Tim Hortons has also talked about expanding into Spain, Mexico, Great Britain and the Philippines.  

Source: CP24