Tim Horton's Is Investing $700M In Company Changes And People Are Not Happy

Tim Hortons is undisputedly a Canadian icon in the food industry. Even people in other countries know coffee brand as a Canadian staple, not just for the food and drinks but for its look as well.

But that look is now set to undergo a dramatic change in the coming years.

The company is planning on remodelling just about all of its Canadian stores, but quite a few people are very unhappy about the move.  

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Those most upset about the makeover are the franchises who own individual locations. This new makeover is set to cost the business owners about $450,000. 

That's obviously not a small sum of money for anyone to have to pay out to redo their business, something and many do not see the point in giving the restaurant chain a facelift.

The company overall sees it much differently though. It believes that the remodel will help increase sales, which have been lower than expected for quite some time now apparently.

Who would have thought that Timmies would be bellow expectations for sales?

The entire project is set to cost $700 million overall.

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The new look reportedly will feature exteriors that are lighter and more natural looking as well as an upgraded open-concept seating arrangement.  

The upgrades will apparently be done to each store sometime in the next 4 years.    

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It doesn't appear at this time that the move will impact the cost of making a run to Timmies for your morning coffee though.

So that's good news at least. 

Source: Toronto Star