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Tim Hortons Just Added 2 Brand New Slushies To Their Summer Drink Line-Up

They have arrived just in time for summer!
Tim Hortons Just Added 2 Brand New Slushies To Their Summer Drink Line-Up

Swap your jeans for shorts and your hot coffee for an iced coffee - summer is finally coming! Of course, not everyone is a coffee lover, and thankfully, Tim Hortons has cold speciality drinks without any caffeine in them, including some new ones. Just as we were beginning to forget what sunshine ever felt like, Tim Hortons slushies are now available for summer in Canada and they look absolutely delicious. 

The new slushies are available now in Tim Hortons locations across Canada. According to a tweet from their official Twitter page they come in two different flavours to sweeten up your summer; red cherry or blue raspberry which are the classic slushies flavours everyone remembers from childhood.

They are described on Tim Hortons official website as being cool, sweet, refreshing and "the perfect summertime treat". Meanwhile, the Tim Hortons moblie app has some more details about the prices and specifics of these drinks. 

According to the Tim Hortons mobile app, the new slushies are reasonably priced with the cost of a small being just $1.79, a medium $2.19, and a large $2.59! Oddly enough, the medium cherry slushy has 300 calories while the medium blue raspberry flavour has only 280 calories 

Although the summer slushies sound really exciting, not everybody is loving them and they have already left some Tim's fans less than impressed.

This new drinks announcement will be welcome news for fans of other Tim Hortons icy cold beverages such as their speciality Frozen Lemonade, Iced Coffee and tasty Creamy Chills

The bad news is that the slushies, like some of their other summer speciality beverages, will only be around for a limited time. So if you want to give one a try for yourself, better be quick...it will be winter again before we know it!