Tim Hortons Just Released A Poutine But It Doesn't Look Quite Right

They missed the mark on this one
Tim Hortons Just Released A Poutine But It Doesn't Look Quite Right

Every time a fast food chain attempts to make poutine we usually end up disappointed. Nonetheless, they keep trying. The latest chain to throw its hat in the ring is Tim Hortons. 

Tim Hortons is offering poutine for a limited time only, but something about it doesn't look quite right. 

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First of all, the poutine isn't made with fries, but rather with Tim Horton's potato wedges. The wedges don't compare to french fries by most people's standards but they are also already seasoned, which is most likely going to throw off the flavour of the poutine. 

Secondly, if we look at the toppings they seem a little unimpressive. There are fewer cheese curds than we would like, when comparing them to the number of wedges in the photo, and the gravy appears to just sit on top of the wedges rather than pooling and oozing throughout the poutine. 

On their website, Tim Hortons advertises the poutine as a Canadian comfort food made with Quebec cheese curds and Canadian potatoes. Even the poutine box is super stereotypically Canadian with curling rocks, lacrosse sticks, and what looks like either a beaver, a bear, or a moose. 

The push for a super Canadian food comes after Tim Hortons has been criticized a lot recently for not being Canadian since they were bought by Burger King. Perhaps this is the chains way of trying to re-cement their place in the Canadian identity, especially with Canada Day right around the corner. 

The poutine costs just under $5 and claims to be around 500 calories. It is apparently available for a limited time only. 

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