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Tim Hortons' Lids: 12 Tweets About The Outrage That Will Complete Your Life

When Tim Hortons changed their lids, Canadians had mixed feelings about the whole thing. Justin Bieber has recently fanned the flames of the controversy, and now the debate about Tim Hortons' lids with their new and "improved" lid design is burning up on the Twittersphere. We scoured the dark underbelly of Twitter to find you the finest tweets over the lid outrage that will complete your life.

We can blame Bieber for the recent uptick in interest over the newish covers. His complaints of them being a "damn outrage" were hilarious and many agreed with him.

As a result, he got an entire bag of the old "peel" style lids gifted to him so he could relive the glory days.

Nostalgia for the old way of enjoying your morning Timmies is so hot right now that people are even selling old tops online. Who has been sitting on coffee lids is what we want to know.

They're selling them for hundreds of dollars. Even though the controversial coffee topper change only happened last year, they're branding them as vintage.

Whether you're double-doubling down on your hate for the new lids or you can't understand what the fuss is all about, you need these 12 tweets in your life.

The Best Hashtag Ever

#dribbledribble really says all that needs to be said in this debate.

Someone Who Doesn't Get It

"They aren't that bad."

Someone Shared Their #Unpopularopinion

"The new Tim Hortons' lids are better than the old ones," them's fighting words.

Trust Issues 

You know what I'm sipping, I'll teach you how to mix it;But you're the only one cause I don't trust these — Tim Hortons' lids. I think that's how the Drake song goes.

Trending Topics Are Confusing

"Wtf is a Tim Hortons and wtf are their coffee lids all over my timeline?" This guy has no clue what he's just started.

The Worker's Rights Advocate

Workers at a Timmies in Winnipeg are fighting for a wage increase and this tweet draws attention to the worker's struggle rather than focusing on the lid drama.

"They are like nightmares"

This twitter user is freaked out by the new lid design.


While World War Three and Australia's fires are trending on Twitter, the trends in Canada show our priorities.

Maybe We Need More Hobbies

"Canadians, are we too bored?" asked one Twitter user.

A Reminder That We're The 99%

Justin Bieber has enough lids to keep him flush while the rest of us are out in the cold.

Shots Fired

This must be a dig at the quality of the coffee and it's savage.

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