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People Are Selling Old Tim Hortons Lids For Hundreds & Calling Them "Vintage"

A listing is actually selling one for $200.
Tim Hortons Lids Are Being Sold Online & Called "Vintage"

Not everybody is a fan of change even when it comes to the cup lids from Canada's most well-known chain. Tim Hortons lids are now being sold online and people are calling them "vintage" and "antique". So if you're like Justin Bieber and desperately missing those old ones, you can actually buy them online.

A quick search for "Tim Hortons lids" on Facebook's Marketplace will bring up quite a few listings for those classic cup covers.

However, some people are selling them at a high price. 

Two listings have 10 starting at $100 with one calling them an "antique Tim Hortons collectible."

A "vintage" one is for sale for $99 and they come in small, medium and large sizes.

One Facebook listing even has a single one for $200.

Leah Laroque, who posted one of the $100 listings, told the CBC that it's all a joke.  

She also said, "I've got quite a few people contacting me. Everything from 'My God, are you high?,' to 'Are you completely serious?' to 'Are these still available?' It's been quite entertaining."

She joked that Bieber's outburst about the new lids and his longing for the old ones "moved" her and is what spurred her to sell some online.

Just because it started off as a joke doesn't mean that Laroque won't actually take the money if somebody is serious about buying them.

"I definitely would take it. Just like everybody out there, I have Christmas bills to pay off," she said.

Ian Benninghaus is one of the people selling 10 for $100 on Facebook.

"I posted it half as a joke but half-serious too because one man's junk is another man's treasure," he told the CBC. "If nothing else that's what I set out to do, is make a few people smile, eh?"

Some other people are selling the lids for $2 or $5 if somebody really wants an old one but doesn't want to pay $200 for it.

But Bieber won't have to take to the Facebook Marketplace to get his old lid fix. He was actually gifted a whole bag of them by a fan at a Toronto Maple Leafs game. 

Does it get more Canadian than that?

Even if all of these listings are just people having fun, they help show that many Canadians take their Timmies seriously, even when it comes to the lids.

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